Replacement Nets – Your Questions Answered

Where will the new nets be located?

The nets will be North-East corner on the on the (main) South Ground.  It was agreed with the landlord, MSDC, that the North-East corner was the only suitable location.

Locations on the North Ground were considered but rejected on the grounds of utility, safeguarding and security.

So what will the new nets system comprise?

The new system will provide two training lanes, giving a 33m long by 7.3m wide fully enclosed playing area.  It will be supplied and installed by Total Play Ltd, Northampton.

Frame:  Black Powder Coated Steelwork
Carpet:   Green Tp5 Tufted Carpet (supplied on most Total Plays installations).  Tufted training lines will be incorporated into on the lanes.
Netting:  A heavy-duty protection tunnel netting system, in black, using one seamless piece of netting for each lane.  The netting will be suspended from the frame.
Gated Access:  A lockable metal and netted access gate across to prevent unauthorised use.
PVC Protection Skirt: This will be fitted to the outside of the nets to guard against vermin and debris being clown in.
Batting Curtains:  The curtains will follow a wrap design fitted on all three sides of the lanes.
Sight Screens: Retractable sight screen curtains will be fitted on tension wires at the bowling end of the net system.

The Total Play installations at Terling CC (pictured) is a very similar system in terms od dimensions and components to the one the club has ordered.

The finishes on the system installed at Petworth Park CC (pictured below) – carpet, frame, netting – are very similar to the one being installed at Ansty.  The main difference is that our system is fully enclosed.

How were the nets chosen?

We evaluated proposals from six different firms, including five ECB approved suppliers.  A sub-group from the Committee including playing and coaching members undertook the review.
The principal criteria were – quality, affordability, and timetable.

When will they be installed?

The early Summer, hopefully to be completed in May but this is not certain.

Most net installers suspend work through January and February as ground conditions are generally unsuitable.  This is a particular problem at Ansty where the Recreation Ground is usually waterlogged into April.  This restricts access the site but more importantly the ground needs to be stable for the proposed cut a fill and drainage work that is needed.  Inspections of the ground will need to take place before the precise installation date can be agreed.

The drawings illustrate the cut and fill required in the net installation.

How are the nets being funded?

We are funding the nets through capital grants secured from Mid Sussex District Council and the Peter Harrison Foundation.  We are not looking to members to help fund the procurement.
However, the club does need to raise funds to replace the existing bowling machine with TWO new ones.

Who can use the nets?

The nets are for the exclusive use of Ansty CC members.  The nets will be fully enclosed with a gated access, which will be locked.

There will be a booking system for members to use the nets outside of formal practice sessions.